Materials Available

Sand is available in the following packaging sizes.

We carry a wide range of silica sand products. Whether it is whole grain or pulverized silica, we can accommodate most needs. We carry it in 50 lb bags, 100 lb bags and supersacks weighing up to 3000 lbs. Just call and ask for availability. We normally carry at least 2 truckloads of all materials at all times. We offer fast order processing.

Some of our products include:

Whole Grain Silica
OK #1 in 50#, 100# and supersacks
OK-80 in 50# and supersacks

Specialty Screened Silica
WF-1 (OK110) in 50# and supersacks
WC-1 (60 mesh) in 50# and supersacks
WM-1 (100 mesh) in 50# and supersacks

Pulverized Silica
120 mesh in 50# bags
140 mesh in 50# bags
200 mesh in 50# bags and supersacks up to 2500#
270 mesh in 50# bags
325 mesh in 50# bags

Industrial Sands
#4 in 100# bags and supersacks
20/40 in 50# bags
16/30 in 50# bags
12/20 in 50# bags
30/70 in 100# bags
T-60 in 50# bags
KI-1800 in 50# bags ( this is golf course sand)

Call me for pricing details and special bagging needs ——>

For Orders and Inquiries:

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