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Announcing our new mobile website!

Hi, we are proud to announce that our new mobile website is finished and ready for business! We will be adding some more to it over time but right now it includes all the info you need to find us and contact us on the go such as, driving directions from all the major surrounding areas, a google map, a contact form for contacting us via email, tap to call phone number, driver info, our […]


New screened silica sand quality control lab #2 added

We have just added a second quality control lab to our facility to test our screened silica sand batches. This new lab will serve as a second line of quality control for our screened silica sand products. We have been testing our products all along with our existing quality control lab but now this second lab will allow us to double check samples from every lot to ensure all of our equipment is functioning properly, […]


New screening facility for whole grain silica sand


We recently finished our state of the art screening facility. We can screen whole grain silica sand to meet your specifications. We also have an on site quality control laboratory for sieve analysis on demand. We test minimum of 13 samples per lot number to assure quality material. This equals one test sample for each bulk bag run through the screening process. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers get exactly what they ordered with […]

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