About Us

Tommy started out in the oilfield as a pipe welder in the late 60’s. He became a pipe specialist and fabricator until the early 80’s when the oilfields experienced a downturn.

Seeing a need for quality bagged sand in the North Texas area, Tommy and Sam took a chance to fill that need. Tommy built the plant and Sam worked right beside him, whether it was bagging sand or selling it. It started out as a family operation with their teenage boys helping out and grew into what it is today.

We custom bag specialty sands ranging from 50# to 3000# bulk bags. We offer several mesh sizes from pulverized silica to industrial sands.

For Orders and Inquiries:

Contact: Neitha Tatum
Phone: (940) 665-2433
FAX: (940) 668-8792

Hours Of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8 AM To 5 PM

Family Owned And Operated
Since 1985

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